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The Urban Commons team

Robert C. Kloosterman is Professor of Economic Geography and Planning at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. His research is guided by questions about how the social, economic and cultural transition of advanced urban economies that gathered pace after 1980 has affected cities and why different outcomes have emerged. He has published extensively in English language journals on urban issues such as labour market developments in urban areas, migrant entrepreneurship, and on cultural industries, especially music and architectural design, and planning issues related to cultural amenities. He is head of the research group Geographies of Globalisations.


Amanda Brandellero is an economic geographer, whose research centres on questions of cultural production and diversity in urban settings. Her current research focuses on global cultural flows, and the emergence and globalisation of a market for contemporary art in Brazil. Her PhD research was awarded the Dutch Boekman Award and the European Cultural Policy Research Award for its contribution to academic and policy discussions on migrant cultural entrepreneurship in Europe.


Claartje Rasterhoff is an urban historian, specialized in the development of creative industries since 1550 up to the present. She  works as project coordinator and postdoctoral researcher in the program Creative Amsterdam: An E-Humanities Perspective (CREATE), in the department of Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Her ‘commons’ project concerns the mapping of formal informal cultural spaces in early modern and modern Amsterdam.



Rosa Koetsenruijter is a Research Master Student Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She has a specific interest in both economic and environmental geography. Most of her research concerns the cultural industries, an interest that stems from the academic debate surrounding the importance of this type of industries for the urban realm, and on the other hand from the upbringing by her father, mother and sister who are all, in their own ways involved in the Dutch cultural sector.



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